When A Man’s Fancy Turns to Cooking by G. Wesley Rice

When A Man’s Fancy Turns to Cooking by G. Wesley Rice


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When A Man’s Fancy Turns to Cooking features a variety of recipes and cooking styles. The author’s skills in adding human interest and recipe origins make the book more than just a guide to cooking. Hard to find items, such as the collection and preparation of Wild Edibles are included. Color pictures of edible plants help the reader to identify some of these potential delicacies. Other color pictures and illustrations add both to the book’s utility and to the reader’s enjoyment.

G. Wesley ‘Wes’ Rice is also author of the colorful and popular Pecans — A Grower’s Perspective. Recipes from the pecan book are included with other recipes in the “Nutty Delights” chapter. Wes, now retired from the oil industry, enjoys cooking and growing pecans. His work resulted in travel to many foreign locations where he observed and sampled many different cooking styles. Closer to home, the New Mexico Styles and Recipes chapter benefited from residence and employment in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Recipes in the book include a number of first and second place winners in area contests. The author and his wife, Margaret, now reside in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Margaret’s selection includes recipes passed down from her Swedish ancestry.