TPGA Conference & Trade Show
Conference Cancellation: A Unique Opportunity

Although TPGA has had to cancel this year’s conference due to continued uncertainties related to COVID-19 and large gatherings, our Staff presents a new fall event and other opportunities to maintain our pledge to serve Texas pecan growers.

Dear TPGA Members and Friends:

We can all agree it has been a unique time. Normally at this time of year the Texas Pecan Growers Association (TPGA) is excited to be planning its annual conference and trade show. We wanted nothing more than to gather this July with pecan growers from across the state and country to enjoy days filled with education, camaraderie, and all things pecans. In spite of our best wishes, delaying decisions on the conference any further would be an uncertain risk for the participants, exhibitors, and the association. After much discussion and tough deliberation, the TPGA Board of Directors and Staff made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s TPGA conference for the safety of all people and businesses involved in the conference.

We know agriculture does not stop and has continued to provide for everyone through this ordeal. We are happy that Texas will hopefully be moving closer towards normality. However, with an event that annually brings together 500 to 700 people, there were few options to assure both the success and safety for everyone that participates. Though we are disappointed about this year’s show, we hope you will join us in anticipation for next year’s celebration of TPGA’s 100 year anniversary on July 17-21, 2021 in San Marcos, Texas.

Until that time, we are working hard to offer you other opportunities for education, networking, and advancement in the pecan industry. We have highlighted and offered sign-ups for these projects in this packet but wanted to give you a brief introduction to what we are offering.

Mark your calendars as we look forward to hosting a Fall Field Day in Brownwood, Texas, on September 2, 2020. The event will include an orchard tour, educational topics on management practices with Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and marketing your crop, as well as time to network with fellow growers. We are also working to provide a webinar in July, on the same dates as when the conference would have been, July 13-15, to cover educational topics and provide CEUs. Make sure your email is current with TPGA so we can provide more details about the webinar and other online resources, such as educational presentations and the TPGA membership directory to connect with fellow growers.

Other aspects of the conference we will address in the packet include voting for recommendations from the nominating committee and the Texas Pecan Show results. There will also be opportunities to help the industry through the annual raffle benefiting Texas pecan research and extension, as well as our endowment and scholarship efforts.

We thank you for your support and membership each year and are excited about the opportunities we are working on for our members in lieu of our conference. Please reach out to our office if you have any questions at [email protected] or (979)846-3285. Best wishes as you continue your valuable work!

Texas Pecan Growers Association Board of Directors and Staff

The Breakdown: Here’s more need-to-know information about upcoming TPGA programs!


TPGA is excited to offer you a fall field day in Brownwood, Texas on Wednesday, September 2. The day-long event will include speakers on topics related to management and marketing, particularly important right before the harvest season. The event includes lunch and gives you time to network with other growers and visit with our sponsors. Be there to see who will win the $5,000 raffle prize! Please check out the next page to register for this event.


Although we cannot host conference this year, TPGA is working to bring you a webinar on the same dates as when conference was originally set to be held, July 13-15. These webinars will cover educational topics and provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs). In addition, we will be sharing other online resources in the member area of the TPGA website, such as educational presentations and the TPGA membership directory so that you can expand your pecan knowledge and connect with fellow growers.

If you’re interested in participating in this webinar, be sure to check the box and provide your email on the following page. Once you’re signed up, you will be contacted via email with more information and details as they become available. The webinar and other online resources will go live on the same dates as conference was originally scheduled. Click the link to register for the online webinar,


Organized by Texas AgriLife and sponsored by TPGA, the Texas Pecan Show has a long history in the Texas pecan industry. Dating back to before 1950, the Texas Pecan Show showcases and celebrates the top pecans grown in the state every year. Though we cannot award in person this year, you can still see the winners, which will be hosted digitally on our website at Visit there to see the best pecans in Texas starting Monday, July 13. Before these champions are announced, you can head over to the Texas Pecan Show page on our website to see past winners and read about how each title is awarded.


Many TPGA memberships expire on June 30, coinciding with the conference registration, so don’t miss your opportunity to renew. You can log in to the member area of the TPGA website to check for your membership expiration date or simply contact our office at [email protected] or (979) 846-3285.

If your membership is expired, please take this opportunity to renew your membership at the time you register for our Fall Field Day and other educational opportunities. You will find a renewal form in this packet. If you cannot attend the Fall Field Day, you may still renew by filling out the attached membership form or visiting Through your membership, you not only fund valuable TPGA projects but also research, education, lobbying, and promotion.


In April, the TPGA Board of Directors set out on a strategic planning effort to understand how TPGA can continue to bring value to its members, maximize the value of Pecan South, and support future leaders in the Texas pecan industry. As a valued TPGA member, you are invited to participate in a study to help us understand industry priorities so we can continue to serve our members’ needs.

Integrative Economics will be scheduling video interviews starting the week of May 18, 2020. You will be asked about your specific interests and needs as an industry member, as well as your experiences as a TPGA member and Pecan South reader.

Please visit to fill in a quick, 30-second survey, and our project coordinators at Integrative Economics, LLC will contact you via email if you are selected to participate in the study. If selected, you will receive a $20 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for your time and feedback after you complete the session.

Texas Pecan Growers Association’s Fall Field Day & Other Opportunities


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September 2 - Brownwood, Texas

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Ballot for Board of Directors

The Texas Pecan Growers Association nominating committee presents the following nominations for the 2020-2022 TPGA Board of Directors. In lieu of the general membership meeting normally held at the conference, this mailer and email notification will serve as a ballot for voting. If you have any other questions regarding the nomination or voting process, please contact [email protected] or (979) 846-3285.

Nominees Your Vote

PRESIDENT, 2020-2022 TERM - Shannon Ivey, current TPGA Vice President

VICE PRESIDENT, 2020-2022 TERM - Jake Montz, current TPGA Board Member from District 3

DISTRICT 3, 2020-2022 - Larry Don WoMack, nominated for the District 3 vacated position, should Jake Montz be elected to the Vice President position.

RE-ELECTION, 2020-2023 - Mary Elizabeth Santos, District 1; James Livergood, District 2; Will Cullers, District 3; Keith Berdoll, District 4.


Amt. Enclosed

For the past eight years, the Texas Pecan Growers Association has included a raffle at each conference. Even without a conference this year, we will continue this tradition. All proceeds go to Texas pecan research and extension. Some of the speakers you hear from at our September Field Day will directly benefit from this raffle. The grand prize is $5,000. Ticket sales will be limited to 200 tickets for $100 each. If you buy four tickets, you get the fifth free. Upon receiving your payment through this form or online registration, we will send you your ticket(s). You do not need to be present to win. The drawing will take place at the Fall Field Day on Sept. 2, 2020.


This mailing is the only time each year we mention the $1,000 Fred Brison scholarship presented annually by TPGA to a student in the Horticulture Department at Texas A&M University. If you are interested in contributing to our scholarship fund (or the TAMU Pecan Endowment), you may use this registration form to do so.


These contributions go towards the effort to create a pecan endowment at Texas A&M University, which will support pecan research and the Texas A&M pecan program.


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Our Sponsors

Even though the conference and trade show has been cancelled, the Texas Pecan Growers Association would like to thank every participant and exhibitor for signing up to be a part of this year’s conference. We would especially like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the Texas Pecan Industry!