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  • Promote Texas pecans and TPGA members to both buyers and the public
  • Create and maintain website listings to promote TPGA members that sell pecans to the public on two websites: and
  • Apply and manage grants that will promote and benefit Texas pecans
  • Provide recipe and nutritional brochures to TPGA members free of charge
  • Sponsor pecan events, festivals, and programs
  • Annual Holiday Pecan Trail Map highlighting TPGA members for consumers over the holiday season
  • Host a commercial members of the TPGA website to recognize and promote our commercial members supporting the pecan industry
  • Assists Texas A&M  AgriLife Extension and Research personnel with promotion of the Texas Pecan Show, hosting the state competition at the Annual Texas Pecan Growers Conference and Trade Show

Grower Education

  • Organize and conduct the Annual Texas Pecan Growers Conference and Trade Show, with programs tailored for our membership including educational seminars, trade show, orchard tour, Pecan Pairing Program, grower awards, Texas Pecan Show, family events, and more.
    1. This year is the 102nd Annual Conference on July 30-August 2, 2023 in Denton, Texas.
    2. Discounted registration for members
  • Provide educational resources and information from the TPGA office and website
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) for pecans created and distributed to the industry
  • Maintain new and accurate pecan publications to include for sale in the Native Nut Book Nook bookstore


  • Monthly e-newsletter containing information regarding the industry and TPGA activities
  • Distribute horticulture and pest alerts with the assistance of Texas AgriLife researchers
  • Member and grower visits from the TPGA staff to learn about your orchard and business
  • Use social media to share information and promote the Texas pecan industry
  • Own and publish Pecan South magazine monthly, which TPGA members receive with membership
  • Maintain a membership directory within the TPGA membership to provide opportunities to network with other pecan growers


  • Support and fund Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Research personnel and projects
  • Sponsor the annual Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s Texas Pecan Short Course
  • Facilitate and assist in grant projects for growers and researchers
  • Ensuring the continuation of pecan personnel positions
  • Work towards the goal of a pecan endowment program


  • Political lobbying for pecans at the state and national level
    1. A contributor to the National Pecan Federation for national lobbying efforts
    2. A member of the Texas Agricultural Council for state-level lobbying efforts
    3. Members of other industry groups that lobby for pecans and tree nuts
    4. Pecan industry representation in Washington, D.C. when necessary


  • Award the Fred Brison Scholarship annually to a Texas A&M horticulture student
  • Work with and create partnerships with other industry groups
  • An office and full-time staff that works for you and the pecan industry, giving the Texas pecan industry a collective voice

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