Texas Pecan Show

The Texas Pecan Show, organized by Texas AgriLife and sponsored by the Texas Pecan Growers Association, has a long history in Texas pecan industry.  Dating back to before 1950 the Texas Pecan Show has showcased and celebrated the top pecans grown in the state.

The following titles are awarded each year.  

Grand Champion Classic/New Pecan and Reserve Champion Classic/New Pecan The “classic or new” classification refers to varieties that are either new or not widely grown, or older varieties that are not planted in new, commercial orchards today.

Grand Champion Commercial Pecan and Reserve Champion Commercial PecanThe “commercial” classification holds most of the varieties that are important in commercial pecan production in Texas.  

Grand Champion Native Pecan and Reserve Champion Native Pecan The “native” classification is for all native or seedling pecans entered into the show.   

There are many Pecan South articles about the Texas Pecan Show, but here is one that features the show. https://www.pecansouthmagazine.com/magazine/article/the-showstoppers-high-quality-pecan-cultivars-from-the-texas-pecan-show

The Texas Pecan Show begins at a county or multi-county level where the pecan samples are initially graded and judged.  From there the winners will go into the regional competition with the East, Central, and West divisions. The show concludes each year at the Texas Pecan Growers Conference and Trade Show each July, where the regional winners will be graded one final time for the state level awards.

Contact the Texas Pecan Growers Association office for more information or to be connected with Texas AgriLife representatives.  

2018 State Pecan Show Award List By Variety

2018 State Pecan Show Award List By County

2018 State Pecan Show Main Report

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