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    Higher Nut Consumption May Help Prevent Cognitive Decline in the Elderly

    A recent INC-funded study, published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research[1], showed that a high intake of nuts may help protect the elderly from cognitive decline.

    A team of researchers examined whether a diet high in nuts might help protect against age-related cognitive decline over a three-year period.

    A total of 119 participants aged 65 and over with dementia were selected from the InCHIANTI cohort, a representative population-based study of elderly residents of Chianti, Italy. Participants were selected based on their nut intake: non-nut consumers and regular nut consumers (≥2.9 g/day).

    Nut exposure was measured at the beginning of the study with a validated food frequency questionnaire or with an analytical tool for the characterization of phenolic compounds. In addition, cognitive decline was measured using the Mini-Mental State Examination test.

    Researchers found that, from 119 subjects, 38 participants experienced cognitive decline, 28 from the non-nut consumers group and 10 from the nut consumers group. Nut consumption estimated either by the dietary marker or by the urinary marker model was in both cases associated with lower cognitive decline.

    “The use of a panel of metabolites provides accurate and complementary information on nut exposure and reinforces the results obtained using dietary information”, states Prof. Andrés-Lacueva, ICREA Academia at the University of Barcelona, Group leader of CIBERFES on Frailty and Healthy Aging and principal investigator of the study.

    The study was supported by the INC.


  • 31Jul

    Texas Pecan Producers Receive Much-Needed Relief from the USDA’s Newest Round of Trade Mitigation

    Texas Pecan Growers Association – Tariff Mitigation, Press Release

    Press Release

    July 29, 2019


    Texas Pecan Producers Receive Much-Needed Relief from the USDA’s Newest Round of Trade Mitigation

    The Texas and U.S. pecan industry have been hurt greatly by Chinese retaliatory tariffs and trade barriers on pecans. Businesses and families have faced detrimental losses that have affected pecan growers, processors, and their communities in over 15 pecan producing states.

    The Texas Pecan Growers Association commends the efforts of the Trump Administration and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, for supporting agriculture with a 16 billion dollar relief package. The pecan industry is especially pleased with the recent announcement that pecan growers will have access to the Market Facilitation Program for direct payments. These assistance programs help ensure pecan growers can continue to provide for the world.

    “The Texas pecan industry has faced tough circumstances since the Chinese retaliatory tariffs have been put in place,” Lalo Medina, President of the Texas Pecan Growers Association, explains. “The relief package, particularly the release of funds through the Market Facilitation Program, will give pecan producers some much-needed assistance. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we know this is a great first step toward providing relief to pecan growers.”


    For more information

    TPGA Executive Director, Blair Krebs, is available for comment. Please contact the TPGA office:

    tel.: 979-846-3285 | fax: 979-846-1752

    Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

    About the Texas Pecan Growers Association: Formed in 1921, TPGA is a nonprofit, educational association that assists Texas pecan growers in growing pecans profitably through education, research, and promotion. TPGA members are primarily from Texas but also from across the U.S. and Mexico.

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