The Texas Agricultural Finance Authority (TAFA) was created in 1987 (through HB 49) as a public authority within the Texas Department of Agriculture. The program is designed to provide financial assistance for the expansion, development and diversification of production, processing, marketing and exporting of Texas agricultural products.

Through the Agricultural Loan Guarantee program, TAFA provides loan guarantees to lenders for eligible applicants who wish to establish or enhance their farm and/or ranch operation or agriculture-related business. This may be an option for ag loans if the Small Business Administration programs are not working. Producers seeing increased online orders/demand may have opportunity to grow their business if they had additional funds.

Borrower should visit with a lender to see if they are willing to participate in the program. A lender will need to submit the application to the Department on the Borrower’s behalf. TDA does not issue any loans directly to a borrower. If you have any questions, please email